About Us

Here at Sunriseopals we pride ourselves on giving our customers a personalised service, being a small family business we want to assure all customers that satisfaction is our guarantee. We cover every step of the supply chain starting from rough opal straight from the mines all the way to one of a kind custom jewellery pieces.

We are able to supply you with any opal products you desire: rough opal, natural specimens, polished specimens, cut stones, unique jewellery, opal carvings and much more.

We are more than happy to supply special orders for individuals or businesses, some of which we are currently doing opal trophy bases (cut to any dimensions), polished slices of boulder, opal chips in any quantity, large polished boulder opal specimens & much more, so please send us your requests or contact us to discuss your specific needs to obtain a free quote.


It all started back in 1994 when I first ventured 1,300 kilometres west of Brisbane. I went to help a long time friend in his boulder opal mining operation. This first trip was for 3 weeks. Opal mining country is very, very dry with stunted trees, mainly gidgee and mulga. The land is ochre in colour with unbelievable sunsets and sunrises. At the end of 3 weeks my friend the opal miner gave me about 20 kilos of rough boulder with some opal in it, for helping him. That was it - I had OPAL FEVER!

Not long after that I bought some cutting equipment and my first rough parcel. I left home in my 1 ton ute with $3,000 to buy my first rough opal parcel. I did not realise that my wife (Sandy) thought $3,000 would buy a truckload, when I arrived home with about 20 kilos (1 bucket) of rough she thought I was a little CRAZY. After cutting it, I sold it at local markets and shops, I did quite well.

Over the years, I have made many trips west to help opal miners and to buy rough opal parcels. I did this as a serious hobby for about 4 years, then I gave up building and now do it full time. Liking the west and the opal mining life style, my wife Sandy and I now own and run SUNRISEOPALS, with an opal shop in Quilpie.