Our Exciting New Opal Designs

Stunning Boulder Opal Pendant

We have had a very special stone for quite some time now and have recently designed a stunning pendant to make with it. We should have this pendant in store this week hopefully!!!

This stunning Queensland Boulder Opal is 7.3cts with a very unique Tiger stripe pattern. 

This stunning pendant is now finished and ready for sale!!!


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Top Gem Boulder Opal Amazing Pattern 1102 from Sunriseopals on Vimeo.


Stunning Blue Boulder Opal Pendant

This stunning pendant was designed for one of our customers on the sunshine coast, she first chose the stones and then we started working through the design, after many sketches we came to this fabulous design and before long we were able to deliver her beautiful Australian Boulder Opal pendant. We can do the same for you, just visit our custom design jewellery page and take the first step to owning your own unique piece of hand made Australian opal jewellery.