Terms & Conditions


Sunrise Opal Mines will retain ownership of all digital images, movies, and articles which appear on this site. Any reproduction of these images or text are subject to permission granted by Sunrise Opal Mines.

Authenticity of opals

Order Processing

Goods purchased on the Sunrise Opal Mines Internet site will only be sent to the purchaser’s postal address once name and address details have been verified. Verification processes may include a search on the Sensis White Pages website, or through a phone call. If verification of name and address cannot be done to Sunrise Opal Mines’ satisfaction, Sunrise Opal Mines will not release the goods and will instead issue a refund.

In the event of the purchase of goods as a gift, Sunrise Opal Mines will need verification of the recipient’s name and address as supplied on the order. The process as detailed above will apply to such purchases.

Payment -  Prices

Conversion rates

Internet transactions are conducted in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and the Sunrise Opal Mines website will only accept payment in Australian dollars. Conversions into the customer's own currency are conducted by the financial institution of the customer and final prices in the customer's currency will vary according to the exchange rate on the day.